How to Purchase Apartments for Sale in Trabzon
März 26, 2016

Trabzon is situated on the northeast of Turkey and is one of the cities with a border to the Black Sea. Its unique nature and history attracts many tourists every year in every season.

As a developing city, Trabzon also attracts both local and foreign investors. In parallel with the growing interest in the city, the opportunities are increasing day by day.

How to Purchase Apartments for Sale in Trabzon

If you are interested in purchasing apartments for sale in Trabzon, the good news is that you will only need your passport, and a visa if needed. There is an insignificant number of procedures when you decide to purchase a property for sale in Turkey. We are always available to help you in such procedures.

Along with deposit, sales contract and rental agreement; as a foreign investor, you will need a military approval that shows your apartment is not in a restricted area for foreign ownership. The military approval usually takes 1.5-2 months, and costs around 1,250-1,500 TL.

After the military approval, the title deed transfer will be done. If you are considering about power of attorney, you should hire a solicitor in Turkey. It would also be in your favor, if you learn about the Buying and Ownership Law of Turkey beforehand.


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